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A list for sale (updated)

Here's my fashion list FS:

Autumleaf dryad charm (x2)
Auburn Connacht charm
Azure Connacht charm
Beryl Connacht charm
Black Archer hat
Black Archfiend guise
Black dark rider Boots
Black dark rider hat (x2)
Black dark rider top
Black Glenmore boots
Black Glenmore crest
Black highlander boots
Black highlander gloves
Black highlander legs
Black highlander top
Black sacred auroral boots
Black sacred auroral gloves
Black sacred auroral hat
Black sacred auroral legs
Ball sacred auroral top
Black spidersilk mask
Black sunlit boots
Black sunlit legs
Black sunlit top
Black sunlit gloves
Black wolf mask
Blooddust black dark rider legs - sold
Blooddust Black dark rider top
Blooddust pink dark rider legs
Blooddust turquoise dark rider boots
Blooddust turquoise dark rider gloves
Black sanghal gloves - sold
Black sanghal top -sold
Black sanghal boots - sold
Blue archers hat
Blue Ardmair boots
Blue Ardmair legs
Blue Ardmair woad
Blue blazing Phoenix crest
Blue Glenmore crest
Blue highlander gloves
Blue highlander hat
Blue huntsmaster' mask
Blue lanrik boots - sold
Blue lustrous trappers cap
Blue Nithsteed guise
Blue party crown x3
Blue pirate skullcap
Blue sacred auroral hat
Blue sacred auroral top
Blue sanghal boots
Blue sanghal legs
Blue sanghal top
Blue sanghal wig
Blue smuggler coat
Blue smuggler gloves
Blue summer garland
Blue sunlit shirt (male)
Blue sunlit boots (male)
Blue sunlit legs (male)
Blue sunlit gloves (male)
Blue top hat
Blue wyldwood gloves
Blue wyldwood hat
Blue wyldwood top (x2)
Boggan Flamecaller charm
Boggan Hoarder charm
Dawn courtier's diadem of ice
Electric blue ostara wig
Ensorcerelled purple skull mask
Flaming purple wolf mask - sold
Frostbreath purple sacred auroral gloves
Frostbreath teal mountainbear crest
Glistening black sanghal boots -sold
Glistening black sanghal gloves - sold
Glistening black sanghal top
Glistening blue sanghal gloves
Glistening blue sanghal legs
Glistening blue sanghal top
Glistening green sanghal legs
Glistening green sanghal boots
Glistening green sanghal wig (x2)
Glistening Orange sanghal legs
Glistening Orange sanghal top
Glistening Orange sanghal wig
Glistening pink sanghal boots
Glistening pink sanghal top
Glistening pink sanghal legs
Glistening purple sanghal legs
Glistening purple sanghal gloves
Glistening turquoise sanghal legs
Glistening White sanghal legs
Glistening yellow sanghal gloves
Glistening yellow sanghal legs
Green archers cap
Green armoured I'm charm
Green blazing Phoenix crest
Green glenmore top
Green highlander gloves
Green highlander hat (x2)
Green highlander legs
Green highlander top
Green Nithsteed guise
Green ostara wig
Green pirate gloves
Green sage's visage of joy
Green sanghal gloves
Green sanghal top x2
Green sanghal wig
Green summer garland x2
Green sunlit skirt
Green top hat
Green trappers cap
Green wolf mask
Mauve armoured imp charm
Nightmaster's shoes (black smuggler)
Green wyldwood boots - sold
Green wyldwood gloves - sold
Green wyldwood hat - sold
Green wyldwood top- sold
Orange archer's hat
Orange dark rider gloves
Orange frostguard top
Orange Glenmore crest
Orange glenmore legs
Orange highlander boots
Orange highlander hat
Orange highlander top
Orange Huntsman's mask
Orange Nithsteed guise
Orange party crown
Orange party hat 2012
Orange sanghal boots
Orange sanghal gloves
Orange sanghal wig
Orange wyldwood hat
Orange wyldwood top
Orange wyldwood boots
Orange wyldwood gloves
Pink archer's hat xo
Pink Archfiend guise
Pink Ardmair woad
Punk armoured imp charm x2
Pink glenmore boots
Pink glenmore gloves
Pink glenmore legs
Pink glenmore top
Pink highlander boots x4
Pink highlander gloves x3
Punk highlander top
Pink huntsmaster's mask - sold
Pink Phoenix crest
Punk party hat 2012
Pink Nithsteed guise
Pink sanghal boots x2
Pink sanghal gloves x2
Pink sanghal legs
Pink sanghal top x2
Pink sanghal wig x2
Pink smugglers coat
Pink archers hat
Pink sunlit gloves
Pink trapper's cap
Pink wyldwood boots
Platinum ostara wig
Pumpkin hat
Purple dark rider set
Purple glenmore boots
Purple highlander gloves x2
Purple highlander hat
Purple Huntsmaster's mask
Purple lanrik gloves
Purple Nithsteed guise
Purple pirate top
Purple skullcap and eyepatch
Purple sacred auroral boots
Purple sacred auroral hat
Purple sacred auroral legs
Purple sacred auroral top
Purple sage's visage of rage
Purple sanghal legs x2
Purple sanghal top
Purple sanghal wig
Purple smuggler mask
Purple summer garland x2
Purple sunlit top (female)
purple top hat
Purple trappers cap
Purple wyldwood boots
Purple wyldwood top
Quartermaster's legs (black pirate)
Radiant auric blue tower guard charm
Radiant orange wyldwood legs
Radiant pink wyldwood top
Radiant russet purple tower guard charm
Radiant russet turquoise tower guard charm x3
Radiant white cosmic wizard charm
Radiant white wyldwood top
Radiant yellow wyldwood boots
Ragged top
Ragged legs
Red Archer's hat x7
Red armoured imp charm
Red dark rider top - sold
Red eagle crest
Red glenmore legs - sold
Red glenmore top - sold
Red highlander boots
Red highlander gloves x2
Red highlander hat x2
Red highlander legs
Red highlander top x2
Red hunstman's mask
Red Nithsteed guise
Red Phoenix crest
Red pirate gloves
Red pirate boots
Red pirate top
Red sacred auroral gloves
Red sacred auroral boots
Red sacred auroral hat
Red sacred auroral legs
Red sacred auroral top
Red smugglers mask
Red trapper's cap
Red wyldwood boots
Red wyldwood gloves
Red wyldwood legs
Red wyldwood top
Regal connacht charm
Rose connacht charm
Scintillating black highlander boots
Scintillating blue highlander boots
Scintillating green highlander top x2
Scintillating Orange highlander gloves
Scintillating pink highlander gloves x2
Scintillating pink highlander legs
Scintillating red highlander boots
Scintillating turquoise highlander gloves
Scintillating turquoise highlander boots
Scintillating pink highlander legs
Snowmaster's hat
Sparkling blue faerie princess charm
Sparkling purple faerie queen charm
Spirited turquoise duskcrow guise
Spirited white duskcrow guise
Star dust black Glenmore gloves
Star dust Orange Glenmore gloves
Star dust pink Glenmore boots
Star dust pink Glenmore gloves
Star dust pink Glenmore legs
Star dust red Glenmore boots
Star dust turquoise Glenmore crest
Sunbound turquoise ardmair woad
Tor Caith faerie charm
Turquoise archers hat
Turquoise dark rider hat
Turquoise dark rider legs
Turquoise dark rider top
Turquoise Ensorcerelled wayfarer's headdress
Turquoise Glenmore top
Turquoise highlander hat x3
Turquoise hunter legs
Turquoise hunter top
Turquoise hunter gloves
Turquoise nature mask
Turquoise Nithsteed guise
Turquoise party crown x2
Turquoise sage's visage of joy
Turquoise sanghal gloves
Turquoise sanghal boots x2
Turquoise sanghal legs
Turquoise sanghal top
Turquoise sanghal wig
Turquoise stalker's mask
Turquoise summer garland x4
Turquoise trapper's cap x2
Verdant connacht charm
White Ardmair gloves
White dance shoes
White Dark rider boots
White dark rider gloves
White dark rider top
White dark rider hat
White duskcrow guise
White glenmore boots
White Glenmore crest
White Glenmore gloves
White Glenmore legs
White Glenmore top
White glenmore wig
White highlander gloves
White hunter boots
White lanrik gloves
White Phoenix crest
White sanghal legs
White sanghal top
White sanghal gloves
White wyldwood gloves
White wyldwood hat
Yellow archers hat
Yellow armoured imp charm
Yellow blazing Phoenix crest
Yellow highlander gloves
Yellow highlander hat
Yellow highlander legs x6
Yellow highlander top
Yellow Nithsteed guise
Yellow party crown
Yellow sanghal boots
Yellow sanghal legs
Yellow sanghal top
Yellow sanghal wig
Yellow smuggler's mask
Yellow sparkling archers hat
Yellow summer garland x3
Yellow trapper's cap
Yule nobles diadem of ice
Yulebringer's hat

Ones I would sell for a great offer are:

Sparkling white party crown
Frostbreath blue sacred auroral full set
White ardmair set, (sunbound top, gloves and legs)
Black ensorcerelled spider silk boots and gloves
Ensorcerelled purple spidersilk set
White Spidersilk (ensorcerelled top boots legs, no mask)
Red lanrik (no hat or boots)
Black wyldwood set (Radiant gloves and legs)

The Jewelry

Ring of cunning (+50)
Antique Ring of Axes (+25)
Ancient Ring of Cunning(+25)
Ring of Fortitude (+25)
Hammers [+25 (x2)]
Hand to Hand (+25)
Ice magic (+25)
Bracelet of Spirits
Cronach's Bladeleaf ring (2)
Frostroot Charm
Frostroot Ring
Ironroot Necklace
Ironroot ring (3)
Shrivewood Ring (2)
Spiritseed Ring (2)
Stormleaf Charm
Enchanter's Bracelet of Vitality (Shield of Bark)
Fabled Ring of Barbed Shot (+3)
Fast Reflexes
Smoke Bomb
Sharp Shot
Fabled Ring of Swords (+75)
Glass Ring of Stranging Vines (+1)
Golden Shrink Charm
Grand Band of the Rampart
Grand Brace of Stone
Grand Dragon Ring of Smoke Bomb
Grand Luring Ring of Assassins
Grand Ring of Axe (+100)
Grand Ring of Bless (+4)[x3]
Cloak of Fire
Double Shot
Nature Magic (x2)
Howling Wind
Ice Blast (x2)
Nature's Embrace
Nature's Touch
Hand to Hand
Sharpen Weapons
Shield Wall
Spring of Life
Storm Touch
Greater Batsblood Charm (Mage and Druid)
Greater Bracelet of Serpents
Greater Riftskull Bracelet of Toughness
Greater Ring of Double Attack (x2)
Energy Harvest
Expose Weakness (x2)
Ice Attunement (x5)
Ice Blast (x2)
Life Steal
Riposte (x3)
Shield Wall
Greater Sunfire Charm of Quick Strike
Hawn's Blood Starstone Bracelet
Jalan's Ironroot Necklace
Jalan's Shrivewood Charm
Spiritseed Ring
Kron's Stormleaf Charm
Kron's Stormleaf Necklace
Kron's Stormleaf Ring
Lesser Riftskull Brace of Finesse
Lesser Riftskull Brace of Force
Lesser Ring of Energy Harvest (+2)
Lesser Ring of Life Steal
Shield Wall
Stinging Swarm
Lesser Sunfire Charm of Lightning Strike
Lesser Sureshot Strand
Lesser Vanguards Ring of the Summit
Majestic Alchemic Ring of Energy Harvest (+7)
Expose Weakness (x2)
Sharpen Weapons
Major Firefang Ring
Mallach's Bladeleaf Charm
Bloodthorn Charm
Frostroot Charm
Frostroot Necklace
Ironroot Charm
Shrivewood Ring
Spiritseed Charm
Spiritseed Necklace
Spiritseed Ring (x2)
Stonebark Charm
Stonebark Ring (x2)
Stormleaf Ring
Mystic Alchemic Ring of Life Steal (+6)
Shield Wall
Stinging Swarm
Minor Agrestal Carcanet
Minor Bracelet of the Cosmos
Minor Hellfire Runestone (x2)
Minor Hoarfrost Runestone
Minor Link of the Bastion
Minor Riftskull Brace of Guile
Minor Ring of Double Shot (+1)
Explosive Arrow
Fire Attunement (x2)
Frostbite (x2)
Ice Attunement
Shield Wall
Minor Sunfire Ring of Energy
Mystic Agrestal Augury (x2)
Mystic Agrestal Carcanet
Mystic Archer's Ring of the Mesa
Mystic Firefang Ring
Mystic Riftskull Bracelet of Brawn
Mystic Riftskull Bracelet of Finesse
Mystic Riftskull Bracelet of Toughness
Paradai's Blood Jewel Ring
Revenant Ring of Energy
Revenant Ring of Health
Royal Ring of Assassinate (+5)
Expose Weakness
Shield Wall
Sneaky Attack
Srak's Blood Moonstone Necklace
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Re: A list for sale (updated)

Kyuubirouge or reddit. Make me an offer
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Re: A list for sale (updated)

How much for all the fashion minus duplicates?
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