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Lugh To Morrigan

Hello I'm transferring from Lugh to Morrigan this is how much cash I'm transferring

4.1 mill cash

I will trade the 4.1 mill cash for 200 chests on Morrigan :)

Pm / Mail AutoFire on lugh or Morrigan

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Re: Lugh To Morrigan

AutoFire wrote:Thanks :D :D But I got to get someone to transfer with I can't find anyone :(

If you're trading Lugh gold for chests in Morrigan, then it's probably better to find someone in Lugh interested in exchanging their plat for gold. If you can't find anyone now, I'm sure there'll be some chest-sellers when Ostara comes in a few weeks, get them to agree to sell the chests in Morrigan instead of Lugh.

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