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Re: Just leaving that right here.

Congrats on getting #1 rank Havoc

P.S. You could easily add 2909 more to your rating by the way. Just sayin'
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Re: Just leaving that right here.

I don't know Havoc and probably none of them know me. I do remember when it started that players across the clan spectrum always talked of their lady chief with great respect. So if that same young lady is still chief then she sure as heck must be special to have achieved so much. There really must be a fantastic cohesion in Havoc between its leadership and clansmen. I offer my sincere congratulations to you all.

Re: Just leaving that right here.

havoc still could need a respect system, ofc their good players in but those few shouldn't get harmed. Aslong as several people joined the trash talk conversations in Havoc clan chat (I was in this clan i know those, hurts to hear how you talk about friends) there can't be a respectful environment.
For me its easy to show respect to those who earn it.
the player im speaking of is very good and that doesn't depends on his multiple Higher"level" toons. Furthermore i can't understand why people follow the trash talk without knowing him.
get your clannies straight to respectful persons even against your "opponent" clan.

its hard to explain my feelings in english sometimes ;)
dont missunderstand my point i dont disrespect you as a clan neither your boss lady but your actions, i disrespect.
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