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The Official Morrigan Bash and Troll Thread

Since we can't seem to go a week without having a thread locked from people bashing and trolling each other to death on Morrigan forums, we might as well have an official thread so they don't have to keep moderating and locking these threads no? No holds barred feel free to throw in all your clan insults, personal insults, and troll posts in this thread. Instead of starting a thread off another topic and turning it into that, let's just start an official thread knowing that's what it is from the beginning. And maybe we can keep all the insults and troll posts out of other threads. And the people that want to make those posts just keep it in here, the people tired of reading those posts know not to click this thread. How's that for a solution?

Feel free to start off by insulting me! Come on in trolls, the waters warm.
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Re: The Official Morrigan Bash and Troll Thread

Cysero wrote:Oni the horny huhuuu

You blow my mind, to the point where you are a mere peasant in my mighty empire.

I just insulted myself didn't I?
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