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Re: Morrigan Buying/Selling/Auction Thread!

Looking for...
Purple hunter gloves
Green hunter hat
Blue ardmair gloves
White hunter pants
Blue snowbound frostguard shirt
Red snowbound frostguard shirt
Black coven hat
Green coven hat
Purple coven hat
White lugh mask

Red shirt, gloves, hat
Pink shirt, gloves, boots, hat
Yellow shirt, gloves, boots, hat
Blue shirt, gloves, boots, hat
Orange shirt gloves, boots, hat
Full turquoise
White boots, gloves, hat

I'll buy or I could trade for other fashion items you may need. I still have lots of frostguard (snowy and non, full snowy yellow, snowy black top), ardmair (some sunny), some hunter pieces (a few batty), black sunlit, a green lanrik shirt, purple lanrik pants, black lanrik gloves. Let me know what youre looking for and I'll let you know if i have it.
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Re: Morrigan Buying/Selling/Auction Thread!

Midnight Ammy
Full mage adamant armour lvl 120 req 250k
Wyrmbone club lvl 140 req 80k
Flint knucks lvl 60 req 20k
Ice crystal pendant of the n. Wind (dex) lvl 100 req. 750k
Ring of force (dex lvl 150) 150k
Ring of might (str lvl 150) 150k
Amulet of slaying lvl 100 req 300k
Bracer of endurance lvl 150 req 180k
Bracer of shrouding lvl 150 req 180k

Lots of this stuff is going to be sold to vendor soon so I'm open to offers on all

Re: Morrigan Buying/Selling/Auction Thread!

lots for sale, open to offers on most. dont waste my time or i will eat your children

sparkling flamebringer charm
black spectral charm
white lanrik shirt
firey necro charm
high king boggan charm
yuletide cloud hat
white blazing crest
adamant bow
winters harp- rarest
80/10/10 glider
spooky harp- rarest
winters flute- rarest
bards lute
U1 plate legs ches boots shield, non class
2011 snowman head
2011 pumpkin head
2011 yule hat
wand of hallows
yule stave
troubadors flute
yule cloud. no speed rare drop 2012

lots of random fashion too
pigman, with the fury of the pigs and the mind of a man
level 210+ rogue
put your pants on, we're going out

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