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Re: Morrigan Buying/Selling/Auction Thread!


Brightstone amulet of the Poacher (140 Vit, 105 armor, and 700 health with 45hp/energy regen)
3x Royal aggy rings (40 dmg)
Full white sangal (glistening top and bottoms)
Lesser solstice set
Shadow Grimoire of frost
2x Majestic Riftskull bracelets (70focus, 70 vit)


Ascendant archfiend wings
Any white sage's visage
Elsroth - 220+ Mage - Clan Avalon

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Re: Morrigan Buying/Selling/Auction Thread!

Buying and selling...

Looking for blue lanrik gloves....sparkly would be nice ;) and white lanrik pants & boots. Have white gloves to trade, yellow gloves & boots to trade and a set of red, extra, as well.

Selling a bunch of fash including:
wyldwood in orange,

hunter in yellow,

frostguard in yellow and pink,

Glenmor in pink and yellow,

Sanghal in white and green, with wigs

auroral in blue (frostbreath legs), yellow, green, red (frostbreath legs and boots) and turq,

Blooddust darkrider (turq4/5 blood, red just the pants, blue regular),

Darksea Captain shirt, wrist and boots/Quartermaster wrist, skullcap/eyepatch and pants,

Selling a carpet.

Selling party hats in black, red, pink, orange.

Lugh masks in red, orange, black, purple, and white.

Thanks! Kes :)

You can mail me in game at <theKestrel> -Druid lvl217 as of now. LINE is the same.
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