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Re: Morrigan Buying/Selling/Auction Thread!

Bluestarr wrote:I'm looking for a 100% unicorn. I have many items for trading including a 95 horse, 95 pig, gold, lix, fash and lots more.

ask Ctesias, he has one, although.... You may need a time machine
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Re: Morrigan Buying/Selling/Auction Thread!

Buying turquoise lanrik set, spidersilk set, and ardmair set. Taking offers on 90/10 Cranfir Spiritmare, 80% invisibility skill Warlock's Diabolic Fellspine, 90/30 Boar Cape, 90/30 Grovehawk, 70/30/30 Broom of Winter, and 70/30/30 Broom of Embers. Pm me an offer or ask for a price
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Reddit - Morrigan - 223 Druid slayer
Subreddit - Morrigan - 200 Ranger locker
JackRebbit - Morrigan - 215 Druid
Hachibirouge - Morrigan - 190 laziness solution rogue
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