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Re: Morrigan Buying/Selling/Auction Thread!

pigman wrote:
_elsroth wrote:
pigman wrote:Selling 95/40 samhain wings
Divine broom of embers
Xp lix set of 100 for 350k or 300 for 1m

I'll take 300 for 1mil

i will be online at 4;30 am EST until about 6/6:30 am
can be on any time tomorrow from 3pm to 6pm EST

im on atm if ya want to pop on rq
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Re: Morrigan Buying/Selling/Auction Thread!

Mickey wrote:Buying druid skills gear. I'm particularly looking for Silverweb Charms, and Frostiron or Aggy bracelets.

I have an aggy brace for druid. Enchanter's brace of Vitality (75 vit, 5 shield of bark, 250 nature magic) and tempest's brace of Vitality (75 vit, 5 lightning strike, and 250 nature magic)
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