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Re: Morrigan Buying/Selling/Auction Thread!


Equipment and a tad of fash;

- Focus of mystic - 375k
- Mystic Riftskull 30 str / 30 focus - 30k
- Wayfarer's amulet of hawk (lvl 90 req) 60 foc/ 60 vit - 400k
- Royal wyrmscale (80 req) 15str/15foc/15vit - 60k
- Dark grimoire of health - 200k
- Yellow spider silk set with black mask - 85k


- Red crest of hawk x2 - 10k each
- Red crest of hound x3 - 10k each
- Red crest of stag - 15k
- Purple crest of hound - 15k
- Green crest of bear x2 - only selling as a set piece of 50k
- Green crest of hound - 10k

- 5 sun discs - 2k each
- 4 oak discs - 3k each
- 2 moon discs - 500g each
- 2 elm discs - 8k each

If in need of rems and tabs pm me and I can see what I can do. Too many to list. All bar space and minds 500g each.
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Re: Morrigan Buying/Selling/Auction Thread!

_elsroth wrote:
pigman wrote:Selling 95/40 samhain wings
Divine broom of embers
Xp lix set of 100 for 350k or 300 for 1m

I'll take 300 for 1mil

i will be online at 4;30 am EST until about 6/6:30 am
can be on any time tomorrow from 3pm to 6pm EST
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