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Re: Morrigan Buying/Selling/Auction Thread!

Bluestarr wrote:@yoyo. I sent ya mail

Updated list

I'll consider any reasonable offers!

Fabled Relic stormskimmer 85/10 blue
Ancient Relic stormskimmer 80/10 Orange
Fabled Phoenix glider 85/20/20 teal
Legendary spirit glider 95/40
Primal spirit glider 90/30
Ancient spirit glider80/10
Fabled spirit glider 85/20
Ancient crowspine skirr 80/10 red
Sage's black colt 90% speed SOLD
Shalebone Arctic skimmer SOLD
Exalted karpati knight flyer SOLD

Lux and weapons:
Fiery axe of conquest lvl 150 req
Runic pendant of valour 240 heat damage 300 att and def 200 req
Stargem necklace of the frost giant vit/armour/def lvl 150 req (pending)
Stargem ring of the hawk evasions lvl 150 req (pending)
Godly rift 100str/100dex lvl 190 req
Runic shield of fortitude lvl 200 req
Focus of the mystic lvl SOLD
Thaumaturic club SOLD
Runic ring of valour SOLD
Ancient wyrmbone bow SOLD

I have too much fashion to list, if you want something ask and I'll let you know if I have it.

Hey sorry. For some reason i was thinking 100k for legs. I sent you the extra 50k and was wondering if i could still buy hunter boots and gloves, as well as a frostguard set of any colour
Kyuubirouge - Morrigan - 200 Rogue locker
Reddit - Morrigan - 223 Druid slayer
Subreddit - Morrigan - 200 Ranger locker
JackRebbit - Morrigan - 215 Druid
Hachibirouge - Morrigan - 190 laziness solution rogue
Oshawott - 130 going nowhere

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