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Re: Ban these people CH!

Don't get mad at these people guys, their are just jealous about something you have more than them, so they want to make fun of you to lose your good status.

I'm going to give an example to Jamison, he is a player who never hurted anyone in game, since he started by the way. He might be knowed by his good aquataince to other people, his generosity to his clan, and his close friends. So people will start making him react madly, just to make fun of him, and make him lose his good status.
You can also call this a ***..

Re: Ban these people CH!

Haha, still some ppl around with no idea of gaming..
Isay those are lvl 80-150 who wanted ' be funny'
But they dont realise ppl get annoyed of such things... Sorry ucanthelp thise guysa
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Re: Ban these people CH!

They came online and started spamming me and abusing me, It was pretty funny because they couldn't back up their 'arguement' so they just told me to flip off and they logged :P. One named himself as being an old ava member that got kicked a while back.
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Re: Ban these people CH!

Guys that avalonbutt guy has a main lvl 60 he told me but he didnt say the name and he invited me alt to avalongay i didnt join and he started abusing me and cussing me i blocked him,and then he started a alt and started spamming me.How can they put a swearing word in a online game they need to make a new update theres so many problems in ch fountain glitch and exc.

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