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Buying and Selling the following...

Hello guys,

1.) Particle Fashion Tokens (full white, some colors)
2.) White Snowbound Barding
3.) White/Black Ardmair Full Set
4.) 95%-100% Black Stallion
5.) 95%-100% Stallion with Sacred Watch Armor design
6.) Cloud mount

1.) Heroic Traveling, Energisation, HP elixirs, Restos, Resurrection Idols
2.) Super Combo Elixirs
3.) Various Boars
4.) Scoitniamh Fashion Sets (except white and black) - you could also order piece by piece.
5. Fashion Tokens (non-particles)
6. Various Ostara Instruments
7. Bank Slot Upgrade
8. Backpack Slot Upgrade
9. Connacht & Tower Charms

P.S. Currently I have many Ostara loot because I opened lots of chests last double plat sale.

If you have any of those, just PM me here or on Line. My Id is 'swisscheese88'.
Server: Morrigan
Thank you! :-)
Clan: Havoc, Server: Morrigan

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