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Are these worth anything?

Hi there
I started playing this game 2012 till 2014 then I took a break for around 2 and a half years (i still logged on time to time).
I was just wondering if these were worth anything as I cant find them in the auction house.
TY :)

Yuletide Hat *2012*
Yellow Yuletide Helpers Hat *2012*
Turquoise Summer Garland *2013*
Red Huntsman Mask *2013*
Sleighriders Hat *2013*
Purple Nature Mask *2014*
Black Nature Mask *2014*
Purple Phoenix Crest
Tor Caith Faerie Charm
Boggan Ravager Charm
Lesser Midsummer Blackthorn Necklace
Minor Batblood Charm
Pink Firestorm Rod
Mystic Frostiron Bow
Ritual Harp
Lesser Silverweb Helm of the Bladefang

Just wondering if they worth anything, how much they are worth, and if anyone is interested in purchasing them.

:) Thank you for your time

(English isn't my first language so if there is any spelling errors or grammar errors, I do apologise for that.)

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