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Traders Knowledge Needed

Anyone who has decent knowledge on fashion prices could be a very good help to me. I have been gone for some time and recently just came back yesterday. I just want to know what some items are worth now a days. I won't list them all but just some random items.

Not too sure about crowns. Someone told me they can sell for alot.
Red Sparkling Crown. Blue crown, green, yellow

Also what about Radiant Earthstone helm

Yellow frostgaurd set
Black Wylde top, black ardmair pants, black sunlit bracers, black wyld hat and boots

And What's up with the wigs? Been seeing Shimmering and sparkling wigs from past events go for alot

I have all sorts of Shimmering wigs and sparkling wigs.

Ruby tor Caith fairy charm?

Not gonna keep listing stuff. I'm just curious about the crowns and wigs. And radiant Earthstone helm

Asking players in game is kind of hit or miss. Most ppl don't know at all and or will say make an offer if they don't know.

Example. Some experienced players said you can sell your radiant Earthstone helm for around 500k. Someone else told me no way in hell.

Same with my full Hunter. I have full Blue Spooky Hunter set and I hear it can go for millions. Then someone else tried to lo ball me and say not even close.

Much help appreciated


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