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Coming back soon.

stop playing back in may for college reason and wanted see how things in herne are? I did pop in and out once a month for a pop shop. But maybe permanent return.
Tell me whats going on?
Is there still a war going on?
How the economy lately?
Anyone give me the update scoop.

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Re: Coming back soon.

Hey Kilp! Glad to hear you're coming back!

"Tell me whats going on?" Currently there's a new clan called Shine of Blood that started after their last mmo died.

"Is there still a war going on?" Yes. TheOtherside has still been killing trolls with the occasional hrung.

"How the economy lately?" Sks are 4k ea, hastes are 3-4k ea, scs are 10k ea, other lix are 1k ea, restores are 200g ea, idols are 100g ea, mount tokens 100k ea, pet tokens 70k ea. I don't sell any of these fyi.

"Anyone give me the update scoop" No more event lux, instead there's a vendor that sells randomized lux from previous events. No more event bosses, instead there are legacy bosses that spawn randomly within a two week window. Pets that give stat boosts and an extra skill, but you have to feed them every hour to receive any boost or skill. Battle mounts that boosts stats and give a skill, but every time you die you have to use a mount whistle(2 plat ea) or go to castle and pay 100g to get it back.
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