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AMBULANCE's Black Friday

Hello, here is what I'm selling.
1- Shadowsteed of Oblivion (bidding starts at 2 M)
2- Sunshard Pendant of the Untamed Wilds that gives 150 dmg to your attacks and 50/50/50/50 stat (750k gold!)
3- Heroic Amulet of Rejuvenation (The old one) price starts at 250k
4- Master crafted gloves of haste (im not too sure bout that ;)
5- Ancient grovehawk 80/10 (250k)
6- Full set of MANY different colors of Wyldwood fashion (white included) OFFERS ONLY!
7- Many rare useless items, fashion ,etc.
Buying: (∆_∆) the prettiest mounts of the game and the most beautiful purple, black or white fashion of the game.
I'm also buying some useless cool stuff. I got 5.7 million gold in cash right now :p ,but I can also swap some things

If you are interested in selling or buying any of this stuff, please email me in the game @Ambulance :D

Thanks for reading!!!
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