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You all are nubs indeed

Hi, so nostalgia hit and wanted to check up on y'all. Don't think anyone rmbs me (yote does ;-; I miss u too)

But is infection and Ascension still dominating or something. Heard its lazydrunks now or something.

If there's any hrung, necro mord stuff being able to be sold or traded around, there's a chance I may start again the coming update.

Re: You all are nubs indeed

Techshrimp wrote:
Curry30423 wrote:._. I bully u till u come back

Could you tell me what herne is like now

Well we got that guy and him over there, he's a nub. Then there's that one there liek omgz. And oh I can't forget about him right there :0

Welp it's not all too bad.-. There's healthy competition so far atm and yeh
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