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Favorite people in this world

Hey friends from Herne as I know we are all extremly bored waiting for the update lets take a little pole.
Who are your favorite people in the world? One from each class. Post here if you want and please NO least favorite people.
()= non-active
No voting for yourself either.
This isn't a compition. Just a time waster. So no prizes will be handed out.
Here are mine:

Rouge: (Alveron) Atreyu
Mage: Swine
Ranger: Redmen
Druid: Superman
Warrior: Loki

Thanks for helping me pass the time.
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Name: Saxo
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Clan: Infection
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Re: Favorite people in this world

Warrior: Nathan, Herpyderp
Rouge: PACQ
Ranger: Kagura, FreakOutz
Druid: Galadak, Grace

- Chillrend, level 81 warrior
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