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Re: Fundraiser for Lazydrunk

Very sad to hear. Outside the game, and the character and clan that each person represents, we are after all human in the real world.

Wish you the very best, will try donate once I get home. No clue who this Lazy person is on forums, but I hope for your health to be as good as new.

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Re: Fundraiser for Lazydrunk

Yeah he is in a better place now. Check out the update on the gofundme account, it's probably the realest unfathomable I have ever read. Blow's family can still use all the support possible guys, thank you all who have donated. It's nice to see such a tight knit family over a simple mmo game. Much love
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Re: Fundraiser for Lazydrunk

I don't have words to explain how saddening this is. I've gotten to know him over 3 years playing with him and became very close to him. He was a great man and i am still very shocked. I hope blow who is like a brother to me and his family get through this. Lazy was like an uncle i never had. Words truly cannot describe this. Rest in Peace.

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