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Fundraiser for Lazydrunk

Hello Herne, many of you have known Lazydrunk for a long time some of you maybe not at all. I've been playing this game with him for two years now and he is a great man. He has recently been diagnosed with a severe state of cancer all over his body, and is not expected to live for much longer. Here is a link to support him and his family financially as they are going through this hardship, please help the cause, any donation is much appreciated. https://www.gofundme.com/69b3fupg
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Re: Fundraiser for Lazydrunk

Sorry that this happened, I would like to donate even tho I don't know lazy but I can't, still a kid without a job lol. Hope u get better soon lazy. Any herne player is a friend of mine except needforspeed and medalofhonor. Ty alb for setting this post up
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