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Welcome to Hell. Is it such a bad place? Documentary. #1

Herne, hands down is one of the harshes servers in Celtic Heroes. We do have the longest clan war in Celtic Heroes History;since 2011 November? Anyone longer than that repost and say date.
Anyways, Just because the animosity lingers a very tense atmosphere. Doesnt that mean those who are on top are the strongest? Herne is for those who want challenges. It may be Hell, but sometimes you need chaos to have true peace.
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Re: Welcome to Hell. Is it such a bad place? Documentary. #1

I personally play herne only because of the people. I love all the people in my clan no homo and it's a fun and entertaining social environment. Even when we were being unfathomable on by incestion's monopolyzing ways I still played just bc it was fun to chill with clannies been playing with for 4 years, and I don't think I could completely stop playing bc of it
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