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Re: Economic World Depression

Mossbumblebee wrote:
Skerwald wrote:
Heroskill wrote:I've played for 4 years and I've quit for months lol this isn't the first time I quit either... This game is boring and it's just pay to win... You have to pay more money to get better and thats why new players don't stay at all.... Most people don't even wanna pay money in order to be really good at a game, cause with the money you spend on this game you can probably buy so many better games, and a really good pc at the same time. I know right mind blown!!!! But this is the truth lol.

You don't need to pay money :)

Indeed, you can also glitch plat like your clannies do

haha like who? plenty of examples from yours.

Re: Economic World Depression

MerCiLesS wrote:
Oh moss, how oblivious to the truth you are :lol: You use to be such a likeable fellow, but now I'm partially glad you quit as there is now 1 less ill-informed void to spread lies and further infect herne

So typical res but I wasn't expecting that from you merc.
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