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To P1

P1 we miss you sooo much plz come make a character on android!!!!! Killa and I need out best buddie to play CH with again but unfortunately we r stuck with android, it almost no fun to play without you, a lot of people on android don't know wtf they are doingand are stubborn, they need P1 I'm telling you lol:) its almost Xmas time so maybe bug ur parents for a $70 tablet from Walmart to play on android with us Hahahah plz plz try :) I MISS P1!!!!!

Re: To P1

I miss my herne family come join moon and me on andriod!! Havent even killed aggy on our server and ima be the tank for adds next eeek there as im the 3rd biggest active warroir on our server and p1 have u made it to 200

Re: To P1

lugh wrote:Hey yote! Should come to android and make a noob to say hi! Ill beast power lvl u im already 150

MOON!!!!!! What server? Im on balor, 63 spear rogue lol
Herne Rogue 140+ - INACTIVE


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