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Spying and Drop Thievery

... NOT ...

So... It was about 2 and a half years ago. There were two big, relatively successful, clans on Herne. I believe both had Jr. Clans. - not to be confused with "feeder" clans. These were clans to keep the goals of their members aligned. As most of us know, our goals are different at lvl 49 than they are at 190.

We had a new member join our Jr. Clan. This guy was obviously an alt - he had equipment not many people in the game had access to. He was also obviously a member of the other top clan. Just as obviously, though, he was just here to "check things out" so I forbade my leaders from kicking him (and reinvited when it accidentally happened anyway).

We had some spare drops (think Stonevale), which I offered to him - on this alt, he was helping his/my clanmates, and in my opinion, deserved some drops he had helped collect, no matter where he called his main home.
He refused these drops, because he felt it would seem untoward, once his true identity was revealed.

I respected that. And consider him a friend.

Fast forward a bit... To .... Last summer? Somewhere in the last 15 months...

A member of Infection created an alt char, who was invited into a rival clan. He did not refuse. He did not admit to being an alt. He gained access to their message board, and posted screenshots of conversations showing dissent among their members to a message board, to a message board with a quite small number of infection members (you might even call it "elite". :-p ).

No secrets were gained. Timers weren't stolen. Accounts were never compromised. Perhaps a few of us learned that members of the other clan believed some odd rumours about us, but really, it was simply a silly, yet fun, thing to do.

The point came, when this "spy" leveled high enough to use DL drops. He and I discussed, at length, what he ought to do about using the drops that I, myself, gave him. As the char was not a member of this clan, and the infiltrated clan was not handing the drops out freely, we were concerned it would look as though he were buying them from Infection members, so he did not complete the quests immediately. I believe he was offered some minor drops, but if so, he refused them. In our discussions, we both felt it was semi-unethical, and anyway, why would he want them, when they were already in his bank?

Fast forward some more....
The character got some of his DL pieces, and moved to his proper home... Time has moved on...

But now, I am hearing rumours that he got DL drops from this other clan.

He did not

I gave him all his DL drops except crowns (I quit collecting them before he got his DL weapons).

If you feel like arguing the point, please leave everyone else out of thi, and come call ME the liar.

I don't really care what you think of me... Every time I login these days, I feel less like logging in the next time.

Herne has turned into a grammar school playground.
Its full of bullies, babies, and tattletales.

Maybe if people focused on having fun, we could all go back to playing it as a game, which I think was the intention of its authors...
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Re: Spying and Drop Thievery

I used to premote peace between the top 2 clans untill i just realized that it won't happen, i settled down into a close-knit peaceful clan (best decision of my ch life) and i too, started logging in less.

I want the game to be fun again, back when i thought mordy would be just hard enough so that inf and asc would work together.

Sordy for spelling errors, small screen
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Re: Spying and Drop Thievery

First person was alvy. Who did no harm

Second was devaril who in my opinion was very unethical. He joined their main clan with no purpose other than to take ss and make fun of them. And l believe he did take drops as enough people have came forward and gave detailed evidence of what he took.

The difference between thr two was alveron wanted to be part of new brit, while glan wanted to humiliate asc/defiance

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