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Re: Herne players, Introduce yourselves.

Hey everyone im Vivian lvl 172 rogue.

I started this game a really long time ago, around augest 2011, but i then quit due to irl harrassment for about two years when i saw it on the appstore again and thought id give it another shot. Alot had changed, but it was fun reworking myself to the top. I then decided to switch worlds for a little bit of fun(and some other reasons) and thats when i came to herne about 3 months ago.

Nice to meet you all!

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Re: Herne players, Introduce yourselves.

Hello it's spacemod Herne was my first server I started long time ago I join many clans met many friends I was probably the biggest noob ever on Herne ! When I hit lvl 60 that's when I met curry the chicken king. Became best friends till the end I was very slow at lvling I was always poor lol then I reached 105 with some help of my friends and bam! Banned account...now I play on Lugh I might come back who knows..
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Re: Herne players, Introduce yourselves.

:-). My main is rcflyn 137 ranger. I started playing him in herne in March or April 2012. I've had several alts, but when update 4 hit, i revisited my rogue. Rogue is now 165. 1 of my Druids is 107, another is 120, a 91 and a 105 mage, a 91 spear ranger, and a few more real low lvl alts. I've had my share of clans, and got tired of the drama that comes with it, so played solo for ages. A couple very good friends of mine started a clan of our own, and we all mainly play solo.
My time in game is very limited due to 2 jobs and a family, so when i do get to play, i want to lvl which ever toon im on, and I'm good at making people mad at me because i dont have time to help them, or because i jaw some1 out for interfering with me when I'm doing nothing to them. But that's ok, I've got my friends through out herne in all clans. I'm here for my enjoyment, not other peoples enjoyment. Those who KNOW me, like me well, those who dont know me, usually hate me. Again, that's ok, I'm not here for them.i rarely interfere with anyone, even rarer do i ask for help.
Thats my story, and I'm sticking to it. :-)

Re: Herne players, Introduce yourselves.

Hello im Piily :) my main in herne is a lvl 155 ranger called Kazuto. (Anime fan here :D) I started playing CH in June of 2013 and actually started off in Crom. (I'm a 185 in Crom) I just recently xferred to Herne from Crom about a month ago. On my second day in Herne i met the imfamous BaldHealer and later on exile. Ive been in NewBirth now VoidReapers ever since. I haven't met everyone and have made a few enemies but i hope to play with (and against a lot of people). Thanks for taking me in Hernians, my time here has been really fun :D!

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Re: Herne players, Introduce yourselves.

Hiii :D im from crom but i met a few friends in herne, curry for example is obsessed with chickens :mrgreen: yilley is a noob warrior struggling keeping agro and tanking falgren (needs more practice) :mrgreen: and pirahna (i just found out) that he's a Fish..!!

And piily migrated from crom to ur server to help curry with his chicken hunt x)
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