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4 sale!

Red coven hat-5k
veteran orange mask-3k
farie icon of fire-2k
farie cane of snow-2k
cupcakes (glowing,spicy,sparkly,smokey) 250g each
turquoise,green summer garland-5-10k (im not sure)
wintergaurds hat-offer
green yuletite hat-10k
red lugh mask-offer
troubadour pink mask x2-5k
troubadour red mask-2.5k
sinister mask of midnight x2,darkness
farie longblade of flames 100 uses left-5k
lesser reaper-lvl 30 req-5k
sunflower wand-offer
yuletide 2012 hat-offer
fabled ring of vigour-500g
150 yellow balloons-200g each?
pumpkin hat-offer
bank expansion-1k
If your intrested in item offer below :D
and if some items over priced tell me :mrgreen: :D :)
I AM THE MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: 4 sale!

TheObjective wrote:I buy all 1 Million ok? Come ingame so u get good offer 1M

Aaaaaand then someone with a bluff comes along to a serious auction...
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