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Re: I been on rose and danu world

Actually, not, we have a lot of players, most of whom level a lot then take breaks in the arena to cool down with pvp. For instance just compare the average number of people in the arena to the number of people in leveling areas and there you have your stats.

That said we are a pretty war-torn world, but all worlds are in a way, ive been to worlds where the main clan has someone at every dl boss so that the lesser clans wont be able to take them down. Be great full herne is one of the only worlds where multiple clans can obtain dragonlord.
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Re: I been on rose and danu world

TheObjective wrote:It seems like herne is the weakest and laziest world of all.All people only know to fight in pvp and use bad language rose and danu world are better because they are active and best other world are evwn bettee then rose and danu so herne .......actually sucks!

If you dont like language or fighting go find a different world where 9yr olds with your level of speech frolic around in meadows of flowers and eat trees made of cotton candy

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