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How To make Gold- The EASY Way

Fellow Heroes,

I am going to outline a few points on how to make gold, faster and better than before. We all want gold and to make it fast and easy, well let me tell you unless you are prepared to put some time into gold farming (killing mobs for gold and/or items) this isn't the right way for you, it would be just as beneficial to go and buy 4000 plat and get 100 chests.

BUT for those of you who possess patience and willpower, I hope that these tips will help you on your way to becoming the first hero with 1B gold!

1. THE FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANT POINT is that there is basically no point farming low lvl mobs, as the gold and item drops are never much, it's much better to just lvl until I'd say about 180-200 (depending on class/build) before attempting to farm mobs. Just keep grinding low lvls :)

Once you have levelled up to at least 180, it is possible to start what I call - the cycle.

Part 1: Low level bosses

What I recommend is to find 'a cycle' of bosses you can kill one after the other whilst allowing enough time for the first boss to respawn. I would recommend staring with warden bosses Lir's Reach- Rockbelly, stonefang, bonehead etc.: Then move into Dustwither for the 3 bosses in each of the three chambers from the 2nd Ley- These bosses not only drop from 250-1k gold each, but nearly always drop an armour item which can be sold to the vendor in Shalemont (which is the vendor I recommend for the highest selling prices) for up to 300g per item. Then I would move on into [b][b]Shalemont[/b][/b], killing all 4* placeholders or bosses and then finally onto the 6* atrisal on top of the castle.
After this, move on into Stonevale, go away from the fairies and onto the vile shank gold boss, then the Fire imp, Spearhorn , Chillmist, and ending with Brutus Bloodbinder (falgren).
Not only should this get you many warden discs which (clan permitting) you may sell, but the frequent gold drops will add up to around 10k at this point.

Part 2:Higher Level Bosses

After killing all the warden and low lvl bosses, move on into carrowmore tunnels, this is where the money really starts coming on in. The Gold Bosses are situated in various spider, boggan and Firbolg caves (maybe one in scorpion), killing these (a map can be found on Celtic heroes tavern website) means that each can drop up to 15k gold and a greater/grand skill ring, selling to vendor for 100g or player for (on Epona) up to 12.5k Therefore, say I kill a bogged gold boss, I get the initial 10k average gold, and a grand ring of SS, another 12,5k, thats a 22.5k win in a short time, this easily reaches over 100k if all gold bosses are up (which they rarely are) but even killing the placeholders (always 4*) means that it is possible to get a lustrous medallion which sells for 5k at vendor. This part of the cycle is without doubt (if bosses are up) the best way to farm gold. Even just parking a toon and logging every 15 minutes can easily bring in 50k per day.

The next boss to go to is Captain Blackstorm (although it takes a long time to kill) it drops at least 750g each time and allows all the warden bosses to spawn again. And if you are a rogue or ranger with explosive arrow or riposte, killing the first pirate cave next to the peninsula into the serpent sea gets 300g (including selling bounty items to shale vendor). The pirates of course drop doubloons which sell for varying amounts, with gold being the best. After this part in the cycle, go to Shalemont and sell all the drops, this (as an average) should put you onto a grand total of 20k Gold

Advice for noobs
It is important to remember that more often than not, bosses will not be up, and many other people will be farming, however I recommend to make YOUR OWN CYCLE that suits your mount speed (I would recommend an 80%+ mount for this way of farming but it is not necessary) and style of play.

Common Mistakes
We have all tried farming HawkHursts but let's be real here, the drop rate is rubbish, 2k is 4, 5-6* warden bosses, that can be farmed in a matter of minutes, whereas I have gone hours without even 1 chest. So from personal experience, unless you are extremely lucky, do not farm here.

Many budding gold farming heroes start off farming and then have to go for an irl commitment, with only about 237g in the inventory, manage your time irl in order to maximise farming potential in game.

It can often be bad for morale if you spot another lvl 231 player farming the same area as you but happens to have a 109% silver war horse to help them haha, just skip to the next area and beat them, be more efficient, turn corners quicker, and hopefully they will be the ones who get annoyed and give up :)

Alternative Methods
My next plan is to write a Merching Guide For All so stay tuned for that. Of course, farm bounty pledges, event hats etc. but chances are, the income will be significantly less for a higher playing time.

Parting Words (you don't have to read)
So fellow heroes, be patient and respectful of others, and then gold will steadily be coming into your inventory. Just make a routine/cycle and stick with it, listen to music or anything that makes it less boring. Otherwise, best of luck, and may the gold be yours haha. These facts were fairly accurate as of the time of post, if you spot any mistakes or want to add anything, please contact me.

Good luck,
JDDT lvl 216 ranger
Rogue10 lvl 100+ rogue


Evil Clowns are always laughing, haha.

Re: How To make Gold- The EASY Way

Thank you very much for your feedback, Happy Farming :)

Froze wrote:This is a really good guide, ty for the post. It would help a ton of lower level people earn some more gold since most nubs can solo a 4*s stonefang.
JDDT lvl 216 ranger
Rogue10 lvl 100+ rogue


Evil Clowns are always laughing, haha.

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