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Re: The Celtic Heroes Database is back!

Smellyunder wrote:When can we expect BT drops to be updated in th database?

Whoops, late reply...
I haven't had any luck copying item data, or extracting any item icons from the APK, but I did spend an hour or so digging through the various textures lol. If anyone knows of a surefire way to get the icons or item data (as in, they've done it themselves..I know you are out there), please PM me! (Or if VR wants to lend a hand :? )

DannyDemonic wrote:Will there be any API access for external apps?

That's something I've considered implementing, if you would be interested in using it, then I can see about starting on that. I thought about making up my own app for it, but I think interest would be minimal lol, plus I ain't got the time...
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Re: The Celtic Heroes Database is back!

Bowmasterr Epona wrote:
Mdunc1982 wrote:
Bowmasterr Epona wrote:Guys tell me where to get these bracelets?

Well tbh most don't have a clue. I did see someone post on forums that they got one off rats in southern dunskieg.

Learn how to add them or not?

No and I'm not sure that person was correct about location either. So I wouldn't waste ur time too much based off what im saying. People have a funny way of wording things and I may have taken the sentence out of context.
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