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Guide to Hot Swapping

Hot Swapping
Hot swapping is an important technique that allows you to maximize certain stats so you can be much stronger. This is especially important for mages and druids where skills are their main asset. It is the act of utilizing the hotbar to switch out situational items in an attempt to maximize effects. For example, a ranger can have a sharpen weapons ring equipped and once he casts sharpen weapons, he will not need the sharpen weapons ring anymore until he needs to cast the skill again. Because of this, he would switch to other gear right after he casts it. This allows players to essentially "expand" their jewelry slots as they switch out jewelry that are not used at the moment to make room for other jewelry.

You are able to hot swap any armor, mounts, weapons, jewelry, and even fashion. For the bracelet slots, if you are trying to swap in a bracelet and there are already two bracelets, it will swap with the one on the left. For rings, it will swap the ring on the top left.

How to Swap
Go to your inventory and press the gear(s) that you would like to hot swap. In order to put it on the hotbar, we must first "favour" it by pressing the favour button. If you wish to repeatedly hot swap between items then you must favour all of the ones involved. To put them on the hotbar, go to your skills menu and go to the equipment section and you will find your favoured equipment. You will need one slot of every piece of equipment you swap. To swap an equipment, simply press the equipment in the hotbar.

If an item that you hot swap is for a certain skill, you can put it right next to the skill for easy accessibility and so you will not get confused as to which equipment corresponds to which skill. A good layout is to put all the skills on one column and the respective jewelry on the other column in the same page. This way you will never be confused or forget which equipment goes with which skill.

You can also hot swap weapons and mounts. If you need to get on a mount asap to go to a boss and attack it right away, you are able to swap from a mount to weapons instantly wasting no precious time. This is also useful when you are lixing and you have to run to a mob across an area quickly to maximize xp.

It is also useful when you switch between gear frequently depending on the boss. Some bosses are better fought using edl weapons and some are better fought using gele weapons. Using hot swaps, you can conveniently switch instead of having to go to inventory each time.

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