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Cooking Basics Guide - Leveling Guide, Bosses, Fashion, Vendors, and more!


This is a guide detailing all the ins and outs of cooking. This will get you started cooking and familiarized with all the NPCs. The full Cooking Basics guide is located here

What is it?
  • Cooking is the new skill introduced in the Celtic Heroes Food of the Gods update on November 7, 2017.
  • This skill allows you to cook food that replenishes health, energy, or offers a stat boost (examples: damage boost, stat boost, hp/energy regen).
  • As you cook higher level recipes, the food you cook will give more of a bonus.
  • Food that gives a stat bonus lasts for 5 minutes, and the effects are cancelled upon death.

Is there a Leveling Guide?
Yes there is! Click here to see a complete leveling guide from level 1 to 170, which takes you to the end of the cooking quest chain.

The Ability Bar Explained

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  • Using a Knowledge elixir will make you gain Cooking XP faster.
  • Using a Wisdom elixir will make you gain Cooking Proficiency faster.
  • Using a Cooking Extract will make you gain Cooking Mastery faster.

What do you mean I can burn my food?
Don't worry! Although there is a chance to ruin your food (which makes it inedible), there is also a chance of a critical success. As stated above, the cooking proficiency ability lowers the chance of burning your food, and the cooking mastery ability raises the chance of getting a success result above normal.
The table below shows the types of successes you can get while cooking food.

Where do I start cooking?
Cooking takes place in the tavern. There are ovens in the kitchen that you will cook at.

Start at Gideon Ramsford. He is the cooking quest giver. He will get you started cooking, and he will send you in search of cooking ingredients.
Click here to see the level 1 to 170 cooking guide

Cooking Ingredients?
You need to gather ingredients to cook food. What ingredients you need depend on the recipe that you're cooking. The recipes come from cooking quests, buying from a vendor, and Cooking Bosses. See the leveling guide to find a list of all the ingredients that you need to go from level 1-170.

Where do I get these ingredients?
Oats, barley, wheat, and lentils are free. You can find them in the fields by Highshore Village.

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Are there any other vendors?
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What are special ingredients (extracts)?
  • When you are cooking, there is a check box where you can add in a special ingredient called an Extract. This is to prevent your food from burning.
  • When your food burns, you receive no experience or ability points from cooking it, and you cannot eat it.
  • You buy special ingredients from the recipe trader Delia Dermont at the tavern bar
  • Your recipes start out needed Garnet Extract, and as you get more difficult recipes the type of extract you need will increase. See your recipe for its requirements.
  • Extracts DOUBLE the chance of creating exquisite food.
Special ingredient price list:
  • Garnet Extract - 10g
  • Emerald Extract - 20g
  • Sapphire Extract - 40g
  • Ruby Extract - 80g
  • Crystal Extract - 160g

Are there any other cooking quests?
Daily Cooking Quest - Ashley Marriott (in kitchen)
  • You complete this quest by handing in exquisite food that is level appropriate.
  • You get xp and a cooking cache for completing it.
  • There is a rare chance at getting a cooking fashion token.
Repeatable Cooking Quest - James Fallow (Tavern Bar)
  • You complete this by handing in stacks of 5 regular food items.
  • This food is from the recipes in the quest chain.
  • You can repeat this as many times as you want, as often as you want.
  • This is a good way to level up. You get 10 times the amount of xp as if you cooked one.

Cooking Bosses?
    There are bosses in Gelebron's tower that drop rare recipes (very rarely) and rare ingredients. The bosses respawn in 15 to 30 minutes. These recipes include:
  • Caviar (240 dex and pierce dmg)
  • Pavlova (240 foc and all resists)
  • Goose Liver (lvl 170; 240 vit and defence)
  • And many more!

These bosses are located at:
  • Culinarian Rajek - 190/5* - Infernal Armouries - Top North Mage room
  • Culinarian Bifron - 200/5* - Alchemical Quarters - North fork of hallway outside Krothur
  • Culinarian Forrus - 210/5* - Summoning Chambers - Top North Ironghast room
  • Culinarian Zephar - 220/5* - Forbidden Halls - Left prong of forked trail at entrance, by chest.

Cooking Fashion?
One rare reward from the daily cooking quest is a Token of Dagda. You turn these in to Desmond Kilpatrick just inside the tavern entrance to obtain cooking fashion. The more rare fashion requires more rare tokens.



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