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Lux Shop Guide - What Should You Buy?


"Plz give me gold I need lux"
You hang around the castle long enough, and you'll here this over and over. Everyone needs luxury items; they are less of a luxury and more of a necessity. But what lux do you buy? As you level up there are 7 lux shops you'll encounter, but you have no clue what to buy because you haven't tried out the items.

Take a look at the links below, and I'll guide you through each shop and what you should buy for each class. Some items are traps. Some shops are traps designed to take your money. Some items are good, but don't have a good resale value. Some items are must buys. I'll go through all of this and more in the guides below.

1) Luxury shops - a list of info with item descriptions and prices

2) What Should You Buy? - a detailed breakdown of what items you should be getting from the shops, to help you maximize your investments



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