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Tides of Fate Update Guide

The Tides of Fate Update has arrived, and because of that I wanted to make you aware of the guides I created to help you on your way.
There is a lot of content included in this update, so please take a look if you have any questions!

Update Guides
  1. Beltane 2016 - Tides of Fate Fishing Event Guide
  2. Fishing Guide - Locations, Tutorial, and much more!
  3. Legacy Luxury Shop Guide
  4. Legacy Boss Spawn Locations

Ability Guides
  1. Wolf Taming Ability Guide
  2. Bear Taming Ability Guide
  3. Treasure Hunter Ability Guide
  4. Scholar Ability Guide
  5. Critical Strike Ability Guide
  6. Critical Skills Ability Guide


YouTube | Mystery Chest Simulator | Cooking Guide | Legacy Boss Guide

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