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Basic Overview of Areas to Farm Gold

First of all you should note that making gold, or “farming” for gold is different from gaining experience on your character. You won’t be looking to get lots of experience points, but it’s all about killing quickly to get the gold and item rewards.

The levels outlined below are a rough guide and each player may find different areas that works better for them.

This is a general guide intended for players who are looking to play without buying Platinum from the game’s Item Shop.

A few tips for making gold.
1. If you get an item from killing in game firstly check if your own character needs it. If not then make sure to sell it to either another player or a vendor in the game, DON’T DROP IT. If the item has a gold value always sell it, every little helps.
2. You should look for areas that there are a high number of enemies to kill that you can kill quickly, the fewer attacks needed the better.
3. Look for repeatable quests as they are usually quick to complete and often provide gold as well as some experience.
4. The longer you spend farming for gold the more you will gather.

Places to sell your drops.
1. Other players. Other players will often want to buy the items that you find dropped in the game so always see if anybody is buying first.
2. Fergus the Blacksmith. You can find this NPC in Farcrag Castle courtyard right next to the Bank, just South of the Leystone. He will pay good gold for items that you find in the game.
3. Quigley the Merchant. You can find this NPC in Farcrag Castle courtyard. You will be able to speak with him once your character has over 20,000 gold.
4. The Scavenger. You can find this NPC in the Otherworld.

Level 1 – 30
Follow the main quest line as it will provide you with your starting armour and weapons so that you shouldn’t have to buy any, as well as a few thousand gold by the time you reach 30.

Level 30+
The Dustwither Catacombs will be your best place to kill for gold at these levels. At lower levels stick to the first 6 rooms and the first large hall with the skeletons. Once you reach 35 go through the rooms past the Death’s Caress Leystone, quickly going back to the first rooms when waiting for things to respawn.

Level 40+
Shalemont Ravine will be your best area at this level. While killing in this zone keep your eye out for Fettlecap Mushrooms as they are quest items for a quick repeatable quest that gives good gold from the camp. All other mushrooms sell for gold too, so always pick Mushrooms when you see them.

Connacht enemies drop good gold as well quite often drop weapons that sell for 50 – 70 gold each.

Start on the East side of the camp and once you’re a few levels higher work on the West of the camp over the river. By the time your level 50 you should be able to kill all enemies West of the river fairly easily.

Level 50+
At this level head to Fingal’s Cave to kill rats. Find the Twisted Tunnels Lestone and start killing the rats to the West, outside of the tunnels along the South side of the river in the cave.

Level 60+
Start making your way through the tunnels killing the rats and bats and by the time your level 80 you should be able to kill most enemies in the tunnels fairly easily and quickly.

Rats and bats have lots of good drops. They drops many different skins or pelts that can sell from 10 gold up to 1000.

Also you have the chance of getting Skill Rings or Skill Tomes which will often sell even higher to other players.

Level 80+
A good place at this level is Stonevale killing Faeries and Wisps. First of all make sure that you have the Southern Road and Stonevale Farm Leystones.

Start at the Southern Road Leystone and kill the Faeries and Wisps in the area South of the Leystone. Once you’ve killed those go to the Farm Leystone, head over the bridge and kill the Faeries South of the farm.

Faeries especially are great for farming gold as they drop numerous items that sell well. They drop many types of wings, several weapons that drop frequently that sell from 30 – 50 and Tithestones that are common drops and sell up to 15 gold each.

Level 90+
Head back to Fingal’s Cave and find the Loch Dorcha Leystone and start killing the Pirates. There are small areas of lots of Pirates in this area, the highest level of Pirates are in the caves at the South end of the Loch.

Pirates drop a range of Doubloons that sell up to 1500 gold and many different Skill Rings and Skill Tomes that can be sold even higher to other players.
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