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Basic Overview of Levelling Areas

There are two major ways to gain experience for your character, killing enemy creatures throughout Dal Riata and completing quests.

When killing enemies make sure to kill enemies that are the same level as your own character, or even better, to kill ones that are a higher level than you. The higher the level of the enemy that you’re killing the higher the experience you will gain.

Also the experience gained from killing monsters will increase depending on the number of stars that are displayed above their head. Stars signify difficulty to kill and for the greater challenge you will receive a larger reward!

These guidelines are for players playing on their own. If you play in a group of clan then it becomes easier to kill the game’s enemies and you might progress to areas quicker than a player on their own.

Level 1 – 20
Follow the starting quests that will lead you through Lir’s Reach to Farcrag Castle, Crookback Hollow, Highscore Village, Bandit Camp and into Dustwither Catacombs.

Level 20 – 23
Start killing the enemies in the rooms close to the first room of the Dustwither Catacombs. When you’re around level 25 head further North, which will lead you down a set up stairs into a large room of Skeletons.

Level 25 – 30
Kill enemies in the surrounding areas around the Death’s Caress Leystone, completing the quests when you can.

Level 30 – 45
Head into the new zone of Shalemont Ravine and begin the quests available at MacCroin Encampment. Start by killing enemies to the East of the Camp, making your way round the edge of the lake. When you reach level 35 then start heading over the bridge to the West of the camp, working your way down to the Leystone at Greygorge.

Level 45 – 53
Stay around the Greygorge Leystone and start going over the bridge to the East of the River and moving up to the Shalemont River Leystone just under the castle.

Level 53 – 60
At this level you should be looking to progress into Stonevale. Use the path next to the Greygorge Leystone and work your way along the road until you find the Southern Road Leystone. Up till level 60 stick to killing the Faeries in the small area that is South of the Southern Road Leystone and Stonevale Farm, the village at the centre of the map.

Level 60 – 65
Head North of Stonevale Farm where you see two roads running north of the farm. Stick to these two paths where you will find Blue Wisps

Level 65 – 72
If you go right to the end of the Northern roads it will open into a large area that is at the furthest North East corner of the map. Stay here killing the White Wisps and Unicorns if you can.

Level 72 – 80
If you haven’t been yet then it’s time to enter Fingal’s Cave, which you can find either from the cave entrance above the Greygorge Leystone in Shalemont or by going through the Tavern in Lir’s Reach.

Run along the river, following it all the way to the loch at the bottom right of the map and find the Loch Dorcha Leystone. Stick to the areas on the East side of the loch killing Pirates. The best areas being on the bit of land sticking West into the loch and the small cave beside it.

Level 80 – 90
As you level up keep moving South along the lake and into the Pirate Caves at the very bottom of the map and stay here until you hit 90.

Level 90 – 95
Once you’re done with the Pirates head West of Fingal’s Cave into the Carrowmore Tunnels. Head North of the Fianna Encampment, past the spiders into the cave system. Take the left tunnel and work your way up to the first scorpion cave.

Level 95 - 98
Move East to the other scorpion caves and through the surrounding tunnels killing the higher level scorpions, or spiders if you’re brave enough.

Level 98 – 105
Murky Vaults. Once you have found the Lower Cistern leystone at the centre of the map follow the paths to the North and up to the areas at the North East of the map. Kill your way through the zombies until you reach the last circular room and stay here killing Drowned Dead.

Level 105 – 108
Head back to the Carrowmore Tunnels and this time in the North cave take the right tunnel all the way up to the Red Spiders in the caves on the East side. Make sure to find the Shrouded Span Leystone in the middle of the three tunnels.

Level 108 – 114
Time to enter the Otherworld. Follow the road as it turns South through a gap in the mountains. Fight past the Green Ghosts and stay fighting the Purple Ghosts.

Level 114 – 120
Continue South along the road, stick to killing the Ghosts. As you get higher moving onto the higher level Ghosts.

Level 120 – 127
Once you have found the Fortress Outskirts Leystone work your way over the bridge killing the Blackstones, progressing onto higher levelled Blackstones as your own level increases.

Level 127 – 133
Back to Carrowmore Tunnels and head West of Fianna Encampment and start killing the Boggans outside the tunnels and in the first of the caves.

Level 133 – 137
Head further South through the cave system and kill the Red Coloured Boggans.

Level 137 – 140
Again head further along the tunnel, when it splits at the Tribal Tunnels Leystone take the Northern path. When you get to the first cave on this path stay here killing the Boggans and Warbeasts.

Level 140 – 145
Kill the Green Boggans in the next cave along the tunnel.

Level 145 – 147
Kill the Yellow coloured Boggans

Level 147 – 152
From the split tunnels at the Tribal Tunnels Leystone take the Southern path and when it splits again take the Eastern path and kill the Purple Coloured Boggans in the first cave.

Level 152 – 157
Move along to the next cave and kill the darker Purple coloured Boggans.

Level 157 – 160
Head to the last two caves at the most South West points of the cave system making your way down to the Boggan Throneguards.

Level 160 – 163
Head South from Fianna Encampment into the caves full of Firbolgs. When you find the Deep Caverns Leystone then stick to killing the Firbolgs in the first cave North of the Leystone.

Level 163 – 167
Head further down the tunnel and kill the Firbolgs in the third cave, this is the cave that splits into two.

Level 167 – 175
Keep moving South through the tunnel moving onto higher level Firbolgs as you level up.

Level 175 – 180
Stick to the second last cave killing the Firbolgs and trolls.

Level 180 – 190
Head to the last cave in the tunnel, where you will find Mordris. Kill the Wyrms and trolls in the surrounding tunnels.

Level 170 +
Head to the Otherworld and test your might in Gelebron's Tower.

Please remember that these are not the only areas that your character can level, this guide is just to give you possible areas to play in to get the best experience.
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