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Re: One clan

I have always been a fan of a one large clan. Alot of people who are in Solitaire and Aceter (however you spell it) are really lovely people. Having one large clan will also ensure that it is always active.

Love the idea.

Re: One clan

magister22 wrote:How cool would it be to have one United clan of gwyd so everybody that is not a know scammer would join and high Lvls help low Lvls low Lvls become high Lvls and everyone helps each other out it would be the best and strongest clan on every world and think of how easy it would be to kill any boss

It would indeed be a fun environment. imagine every country on earth done something similar..
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Re: One clan

Despite how great it seems, would make people leave and become inactive at greater rates. With so much success comes boredom eventually, everyone knows they're gonna get what they want, not competition, no drive to play more to get better than the opposition. Would lead to a small period of happiness, followed by a drought

Re: One clan

Well, if u wanna see how a one server clan works that's Rose. From low levels to EBG. After a long battle I am giving up and am closing down mythology. I'm my eyes its unfortunate there will be no choices. Ah well. I will not be playing there now much if at all.
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Re: One clan

magister22 wrote:HelterSkelter was basically this concept I just posted this for a friend who dosnt have forum acc but HS had over 6000 players at one time in CH history

Lol you know that cool down for promoting and demoting In a clan? Yea thank Hs lol.
But it is a good idea, people just aren't willing to accept it, there's always someone that will want to join a new claan.
The clan you're describing sounds a lot like "them" tbh
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