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Xfering out of here to rosmerta

I miss my mage and all of the friends i made over there. So im moving back. If u have an acc with stuff in rosmerta, and ur interested to get ur stuff here, just mail me.
I have

3 of each green rem and granite tab (trying to sell unless u would make a druid there, about 100k or more there)

All discs for warden +some (once again tryin to sell but would be helpfull for u, about 25k for all there)

Heroic ammy (once again trying to sell)

Golden trident of ice (ditto)

Estimated price 1m. If u want gold only u may have to wait a bit :/
This is what i have in gwydion and i want in rosmerta if u misread.

I dont do middle men, i will go first (if i know i can trust u) (if ur lvl 1 ur goin first) and i will do half on one server, half on the other, go back and do it again. Or i will do 100k at a time depending on who u are.


Mail "Devils Flame" on rosmerta or "Devils Rogue" in gwydion if ur interested.
Devils Rogue in Gywdion!

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