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Kinda a goodbye

Well since its a tradition to post such kind of a message i guess its my turn ;)
First of all i would like to say thanks to all the people I've met during the 3 years ive been playing this game for. Obviously the first people to thank would be my closest and oldest friends whoom i would like to thank for all the help and support they provided.
Secondly i would like to thank all the rivals, enemies ( if you can use such a term for a game like this ) for making this game fun - without competition i would quit ch way earlier than today. :lol:
Thirdly i would like to thank all the clanmates ive had in all the clans ive been in - ty guys , it was a well-spent time.
And of course i would like to say thanks to all the scammers,beggars and just funny newbies - trolling you guys was real fun :D
I did not mention any names since almost half of the people i would love to mention have quit already and my memory isnt very great so im afraid of missing somebody in the list. If you see that you belong to one of the categories mentioned above , please remeber that i appreciate everything you have done for/to me.
There are sereral reasons for me to quit the game but i will just list the main ones :
1) Boredom
2) I doubt this game will develop as fast as i would like
3) I believe that recycled content from previous events isnt a way to go ( although i can be wrong )
4) I know its an mmo but some kind of physics definetly wouldnt hurt the game.
And of course special thanks goes to OTM ( if they ever read this thread) : Thank you guys for making an enjoyable (in the past) game, i believe you can improve it greatly if you wont recycle content and if you actually listen to what the players want ;) But,anyways, whatever you choose to do, good luck to you guys ! :P
Sorry if I disappointed you ( goes to both friends and enemies ) , i did not intend to do so.
Good luck CH and Gwydion !
Bye 8-)
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Re: Kinda a goodbye

Shepman, chief librarian of Solitaire,

I salute you, sir.

May your shoelaces remain safely tied, your eyes clear, your smile constant, and your vehicle on the wrong side (UK side) of the road.

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Re: Kinda a goodbye

Vitayu Sheppy :D

I thought u had quit earlier than this ever since u got into Tanks. Message or call me on viber/skype when ur not busy with school. It'd be great to hear from you again.
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