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Re: Introduce yourself Gwydion!

friddoo wrote:
LeGenDzZ wrote:Hi, my in game name is LeGenDzZ, I don't like it when people call me leg. :evil:

Noobs these days it's LeGoLaZz, Still makes it LeG for short hahahaha :D

Leg, why don't you get rid of the lego and add a b to the beginning, you can be bolazz, or you could just go with lego :#
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Re: Introduce yourself Gwydion!

Alrighty here we go.
Started playing in Gwydion as Immaboss31 during the first Yule event where I spammed High levels like Shepmen for group invites for the wolf boss that dropped stupid resist helms. Then around level 35 I met the one and only Leebro who was a plat junky and I would sell him Ancient weps for 30k-50k each when they were 2k-10k in store. So I decided to buy a gold energy neck. From there I met many great people like Dean and all his friends and my best Celtic friend Gard0n or Yorick. We decided to make a clan called Infamous where we helped lower levels. I remeber Kran making me pay 45k for an Elm disc but he was the king of SV so I had no choice. Then we fell so I went to Bloodgrove for awhile until level 70 then I joined AcidWarriors where I met some great people as in Sriker Iceman Matt Galdaron the real kp and Dogfood the nicest guy I've met on this game. Even though the chief hated me (Sodron) we were a solid clan rivalring Soli. During my time in Acid I bought a winterking sword for 25k and a golden blade from KingSexy who was like a father to me. Then Gard0n made a ranger and leveled up and joined me in Acid. Then I bought full Connacht for 350k which was like 2m nowadays and I thought I was the hottest unfathomable in the world. But my head got to big and I thought I could get away with selling a drag but I got kicked from Acid. I rejoined BG for awhile but hated not doing anything. The Met boss upgrade came soon after and I joined Elite and killed them with Gaby and Darkvaine occasionally. Then I turned into the devil and abused a glitch that sent people who i invited into the big clans and which is why TheOne got deleted. Then the otherworld update came out. Gaby quit soon after so I was alone and that's when I was really close to CelticVillian and TyTy. Not after long of not being let into any clans I quit and gave my stuff to Celtic and my account to JMC(i think) but don't worry the account got disabled. I never stopped talking trash I was a foolish 13 year old. But one year later i came back to say hi to friends but I got sucked in and made a warrior named Velox. I got the opportunity to talk to Gard0n again who was level 100 and most of my old friends were gone so I didn't last long i quit at level 70 with almost full met. LeonKarate11 came into my low level life and helped me out with lux. I ended up quiting and giving my Rejuv to Oneshot (Gard0n), and added him on Xbox. One year goes by and im back with Knile. I messaged Oneshot on Xbox and he got on and he made a new guy named Yorick and I got my rejuv and leveled like crazy and soon was same level as Yorick then we joined Soli as it was dieing. After that we joined Awakening and Then MD and now we are stuck in Sinister(our own clan) bored with the game. That's my celtic life.
Knile-Level 150 Mage
Velox-Level 100 Dps Spearsmen

Re: Introduce yourself Gwydion!

LeGenDzZ wrote:
friddoo wrote:Tyty passed away didn't he? He had that surgery that failed? :(

wow thats really unfortunate if thats true.

No he is alive and well hahah he posted on forums a few months ago asking who remembered him, and the same day CelticVillian posted
Knile-Level 150 Mage
Velox-Level 100 Dps Spearsmen

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