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Re: Public announcement

rysnthedestroyer wrote:i didnt take anything. He diced he won i just gave his item back without doubling

Doesnt matter, you still would have kept if you won, just pay it off and then learn a lesson man, you've seen what people have said. Doesn't matter if you gave back or not because if it was 59- you would have had no mercy.
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Re: Public announcement

rysnthedestroyer wrote:So as some already know i was resently dicing and lost so instead of doubling their item i gave it back as a result of not wanting to lose my money. This isnt scamming so plz stop mailing me hate mail. I gave it back i didnt even log lol just didnt pay him his double money. I took nothing of his ok? I will continue dicing max 100k

Yeah, you're wrong. Sorry. Don't dice if you're unwilling to pony up when you lose. I have no doubt had you won you would have kept everything, but you won't hand over the money if you lose? That DOES make you a scammer, you want to dice with no consequences on yourself. Sometimes dicers lose. If you don't give what you agreed to then yes, you are a scammer.
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Re: Public announcement

^ That's still a 100% not justifiable way around it, a scam.

Don't dice if you're afraid to lose, the host places just about as much risk for the odds to be in their favor.

Don't you dare say you're not a scammer, people who do the thing you just did are the reason why dicing has a bad reputation, and I wouldn't hesitate a second to call them a scammer of they don't play by the rules.

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