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I have decided to step down as king because I don't play anymore and I'm tired of trolling this forum.

I'd like to give a special thanks to santino, noobarb, Marshall and infinity for allowing me to troll them so ferociously...

As I look at all my top viewed forum topics and post I see that I have achieved my goals of inter server fame by bieng the STALIN of Celtic heroes.
I have created two number one over all server clans. currently im stepping down as cieften of masmar..

I will retire to my royal villa in capua for the duration of my life which should be another 50 or so years.

If you see the name TAEOSTINE on any other game you can be sure I will be lurking with the most powerful clan and the strongest role player in that game as well.

In all I'm dissapointed by the lack of imagination by Celtic hero players. It's pretty much high school kids talking about how great they are. Thus, the reason for my trolling them..

I have ruled for longer than any Celtic hero. And will leave all buisness to my faithful stewardtaeostinethegreatest

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