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hey guys shep is here

Posted: Thu Feb 09, 2012 1:20 pm
by shepman
hi everyone that’s shep i decided to create this blog to chat there, trading and making friends.I will appretiate that if such Veteran players as Smoke,Gaby or Indira will post something there but anyway i will be friendly to everyone.heres the list of items i am selling now:
Wand of hallows(i will take offers)
Flaming fury (wand of Issian Firecry also taking offers)
Quickstrike 1k
yletide hats 300 per one hat
i think that’s all for now...
i will update my store as soon as i can.
cya in game everyone :)
Ps: my characters are Shepman(lvl 55 rogue),Shepdruid(lvl 35 druid),and Lenin ( lvl 11 warrior but that’s not for long )