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Re: Mordris has been slain in Gwydion.....

Zojak wrote:Congrats guys! I hope one day to join in your Mordris kills! :D

That would be great. :)
You should join leveling clans like Them or Bloodgrove for now. It is a good oppurtunity to build and maintain budding friendships. Celtic Heroes is a social game. U need friends to survive well and long.

Your ranger name is very nice. But ur warrior name reads like Tampons when i dont wear my glasses. :D :lol:
...maybe u wanna change it while it's not yet too late. Hehe.
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Re: Mordris has been slain in Gwydion.....

JxOxCampbell wrote:
Zojak wrote:Yeah I need to change my warriors name but I'm not sure how. Can I change it via platinum?

I'm 56 right now, working toward a 60 so I can jump in Clan Them asap!

Hit me up in game at CampbellxDPS and i will get you in :)

Sounds good, ill add you when i get on in a bit and try and catch ya :D
Zojac Ownith - 58 Ranger - Arwan server

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