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Re: Mordris has been slain in Gwydion.....

MadTigerz wrote:Congrats Solitaire! I was with you guys at the tavern party for a few minutes. Names SneakBlade, clan them. Nice drops!!!

Thanks bud. Was nice to have a few good people turn out to join in the fun.

For those who came to cause trouble from the other clan, get a life. You continue to make yourselves look foolish, especially when you act that way with a clan banner over your head.
Homeworld: Gwydion
Clan: Relentless

Re: Mordris has been slain in Gwydion.....

Scatha wrote:Managed to take this right before Mord took my noob self right down. :mrgreen:

We need a 'like' button to like pictures!

Awesome job Soli! Hope we get more Mordris kill under our belt. :)
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