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The new era of BloodGrove.

Hello Gaby/Banker here BloodGrove has gone through a lot in the past and I am here to clear up a few things such as rules, beliefs, milestones maybe and a little bit of my history with BG.

BloodGrove and current Chief: Banker

Banker is my alt druid, my main being Gaby. I have been in BloodGrove for a VERY long time and have experience every role in the clan (Clansmen-Guardian-Chief)
I was recruited by Smoke near the beginning of BG's existence, it started off quite small ( Like any clan, really.) It definitely was an era of it's own as many of us veteran players can recall. While at first targeted to be a mid-entry level clan, we started off with some very big names now, and quickly progressed into being known. Recently, with all those big names moving on to other clans, without remembering their roots in BG I'm sure, have thus moved on and are not in the clan anymore. New faces have showed up and we had to accommodate with having to play along-side unfamiliar faces, lingering on the old BG ways, so things were sluggish for some time, but I am here to pick up what was left off, and that is the clan that everyone hopefully would love to be in and grow in.

The Current Visions for BloogGrove.

I would like for BloodGrove to be the foundation of healthy growth as an individual player, as well as a Role-model to those in the community.

What does all of this mean?

Well take note on the Role-model player and individual growth statement.

Okay lot of people wondering about how to become a guardian, let me first off explain by being a guardian can be a bad thing as I expect a lot from my guardians, I choose them knowing they will look out for the clan while I am not present and they will be capable of helping others in the clan.
For those who still wish to become a guardian there aren't any real requirements set in stone, it is all hand chosen based on loyalty, respect from peers, and participation at a start.


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