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Farewell My Friends

Yoyoyo guys ,

Well, I'm pretty much in gust's same situation. With school starting, i must get back on track and focus on my
school year ( taking in consideration its my last :p)

Anywho, just wanted to say goodbye. Ive really enjoyed this past month, i met really nice people and truly had fun.
A personal thanks to the following:
Bhim : what can i say bhim: cant put it in words , youve been an absolute terrific help with everything. Your consistant good mood, your generosity , your willingness to help with everything. Love you bro : ))
Arjoon: well, same to you arj. Our conversations were wonderful. Gwydion is truly blessed to have you too.
Kril: my best man, my training partner for life ( excpet u beat me now :o aghhh). Kril thanks for those wonderful late night training sessions and your sense of humor. You crack me up bro.
Shepman: shep , youve been a ton of help. Your knowledge of the game is truly unsurpassed ( well i am a noob :p) and i wanna thank you for every single time you helped me : ) cheers my fellow historian
Rimple: "arjjjjjjjjjjjj!!!!!!!""" Hahaha everytime i login i get a wonderful pm from rimple. Thanks for everythinng rimple, thanks for your good mood, always. I truly enjoyed your hyperactivity hahah.
Dunno if rimple has a forum acc tho
Niff: thanks to my crazy little druid. Take care irl niffy : ))
Ish: our mutual hate for a certain someone someone made our complicity a load of fun. Love u ish haha
Frum: mr roman guard, thank you for the consistant advice on every aspect of the game and your wisdom in things out of the game . My respect to you.
Sterk: best mage on server, big big heart. Thanks for everything sterky. You too are a wonderfull addition to the gwydion server.
Goldfinger: hey buddy, a big thanks to u. For literally everything. Goldys the guy ti go to if you need anything. Hell never say no : ))
Indira : i hope all goes well indi :) thnk you for the advice in everything also.
Bda: my rival :p hey bda, it was fun getting to know you. I hope your insatiable collection frenzy finally ebbs away. Thank you for you help with wverything.
12: always in lirs haha. Hey old friend. Take care in life :))
Nick: also my ranger peer, we didnt talk much, but i respected your silence and your wisdom. I hope you have a good life buddy.
Stormfast: even though i never talked to you, i heard you were a good guy : ) i admired your pvp skills haha.
Adda and yarp: thanks guys for everything
Cranshaw: yoyoyo broo , thanks for the constant help at ragnor. Really helped a ton.

That's about it. I apologize if i missed someone.
Goodbye gwydion, i hope everything works out for every single one of you. I hope you can all lean to a more peaceful type of gameplay. This game is nothing in the end. Its the bond we forge together. Its the people that give life to the game , not the content.
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Re: Farewell My Friends

I'll miss you arj, guess you made the game more interesting to me especially with the unintentional taunts of all your gear lol v.v good luck in school and hope to see you back occasionally
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Re: Farewell My Friends

Arjunlite wrote:Hahahah atlas : )

Thank you heroic and knight, means a lot. Im aiming for columbia, harvard and duke. I really do hope i succeed.

If i do, then ill be glad to help anyone out if i complete med school or law. I'll always help my buddies :p

I'll miss you arj! With your mentality you will get into whichever university you want!
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Re: Farewell My Friends

Cya bhim ive been just recently just checking forums cause i still message some people, just want to say thanks for all the help you gave me when i did play this game, i remember i was trying to get heroic gloves you gave me the extra 30k i needed so i could buy them from the store. Forgot to thank you before i left good luck in school study hard to well. Wait this is the original bhim right? Or his brother?
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