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Selling my clan in Mabon

My clan in mabon is now on sale. I am selling it for 50k. Yes it is a big price but it use to be one of the best clan in mabon and have and still have one of the best rep in mabon. You may ask y i would post it here but if any of u move servers and happen to end up in mabon and want to run a clan or some sort u can just buy a clan that has been already started for u with good overview from other clans in mabon. if any of u are interested in buying this clan within the next 4 hours will only cost 10k! so reply now!
Have a great Holiday!
Clan for sale: Shadow Dragons
time limit zone for 10k: 12:00pm-3:00pm mountain issue time-2:00pm-5:00pm Eastern time-10:00am-1:00pm West Coast time
any thing after these time zones will cost 50k.

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