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A Clan Guide

This is a basic guide to the decision of if you should join a clan and selecting the right one for you. This guide is intended for newer players and is intended to give you a nice overview of the clan system beyond what is available in the help menus.

For Disclosure: This guide was written by Nasim the Chieftain of <EPIC> on Rosemerta which was formerly <Knights>. Epic is a small Endgame Clan and has stayed at Endgame since it's inception as <Knights>. It is the oldest clan on the world Rosemerta. This was written on 11/18/2011 but most of the concepts will likely remain usable in the future.
This post was found by Infinity, Chieftain of <Infinity> on Rhiannon.
Infinity - " nasim did such a good job on this i thought that everyone should have a look at it."


A. A clan is a group of people who are given a chat channel "clan chat" and a tag on their name. For example, I'm in a clan named Epic. So under my name in game is <Epic>. The general idea of a clan is twofold, to provide a social network and developmental help in the game. The Celtic clans were families who live and fought together and the clans in Celtic Heroes are based on this concept.

A. I'm not talking about Facebook. The social network aspect is accomplished with clan chat. You speak with other people in your clan in clan chat which at this point in time appears as a bright blue text on your screen. Most people involved in a clan pay more attention to clan chat than they do to anything other than a direct private message. Clan chat provides you with a way to communicate privately as a group of players and to coordinate your actions when operating in multiple groups or when you are not all in the same group.

A. Almost all clans exist to do more than simply provide a new chat channel. Most clans are like private clubs, where priority is given to clan members over those who are outside of the clan. Most clans encourage grouping with members of the same clan to get to know them and to help everyone level and find new gear and equipment. This is what I refer to as the developmental aspect. In many clans items are given freely among clan members or sold at a steeply discounted rate. Help on quests and boss creatures is generally given to people within the clan, while sometimes withheld from those who are not in the clan.

A. Yes. The Chieftain is the leader. Usually this is the founder of the clan but not always. Guardians have been promoted and may invite and remove players from the clan. Every clan has different requirements for guardians. Members are the rank and file of the clan. These may be great players who are very active within the clan but they are people who do not have an official leadership role within the clan.

There are a couple of different types of clans which focus on the two different clan aspects in various ways. Not all clans are the same and not all are going to be good fits for all types of players. There are 4 fundamental characteristics of every clan.

1. CLAN SIZE - This is the number of players in a clan and presently used to determine the "most powerful" clan in the online rankings by averaging the level & number of players.
2. CLAN STRENGTH - I use this term to describe the level of the clans achievements within the game. Has the clan killed Avatar of Donn? Has the clan killed Druid Falgreen? NOTE: My definition and the definition used for the online rankings are extremely different
3. CLAN MISSION - Every clan has a reason that it was created. The chieftain or guardians can best articulate a particular clans mission. Generally it is focused on either the social or developmental aspects of the game although almost all clans claim to have a balance of both.
4. CLAN RULES - Each clan will have it's own unique set of rules and expectations of it's members. These range from very lax and flexible to very strict rules with codes of conduct

In the next section we will examine each of these characteristics and what they mean to you.
CLAN SIZE - Clans can be three sizes.
Small 2-30 Active Players : In Celtic Heroes About 250
Medium 31-50 Active Players: In Celtic Heroes About 40
Large 50+ Active Players : In Celtic Heroes About 50
Sizes are just like the fries on your value meal. Supersize and Extra large fall into the Large category to keep things simple and since for this discussion they are the same. While these descriptions are what you can generally expect to find there are always exceptions to prove every rule.
In small clans you will find a very close group of friends. Sometimes these will be people who know each other in real life or have played other online games together. Often it will simply be a group that has come together because of their enjoyment of Celtic Heroes
In medium clans you will find that people know less of each other but often are still quite friendly and familiar. You will also see your clan mates spread throughout more areas more frequently
In Large clans you will find that very few people really know each other well but that you can almost always run into a clan member no matter where you are.

With clan size you can picture a graph
Smaller=Closer Relationships_____________________________________________Larger= Easier to Find Clan mates

At high levels gearing can be easier as there are less to compete with in a small clan, but everyone needs to be online at the same time to do bosses where with a large clan bosses can be done more often and generally easier.
With clan size you can picture a graph Smaller=Less Competition_____________________________________________Larger=Kill Bosses Easier

Clan Strength - Clans can be of varying strength. Remember, in this discussion strength and power refer to where a clan is in the progression of bosses.
Starter Clan - A Starter clan is in general terms unable to kill the Incarnation of Donn with just one group
Tier 1 - A T1 clan will spend most of it's time in catacombs and is able to take down the Incarnation of Donn with a single group
Tier 2 - A T2 clan will be working in Shalemont Ravine and able to take down most if not all of the defector bosses with a single group
Tier 3 - A T3 clan is a clan that can take down the boar and fairy bosses with a single group
Tier 4 - A T4 clan is a clan that is able to bring down Felfire, Chillmist, Starspell, Spirehoof with a single group and does so regularly
Tier 5 - A T5 clan is a clan that can do all the previous bosses and sometimes is able to beat Falgreen. These clans are on their way to being Endgame Clans
EndGame Clan - An Endgame Clan is a clan which has accomplished what there is to do in the game. These clans have are capable of doing all bosses in the game with a single group and can field a full group of players in full warden gear. The Endgame clan requirements will change as the game develops but it describes a clan that stays current with development and is farther in progression than other clans.

A. Starter clans to Tier 3 clans vary in size but tend to be larger clans where T4-Endgame clans typically are smaller as fewer people level to a level where they are able to accomplish these feats. Joining an T4-Endgame clan as a new player may be a bit overly optimistic depending on the server you are on. These clans tend to be more selective about who is allowed in the clan as they have already achieved most of what they need or desire to as a clan, making the need for lower level and new players minimal.
As a new player joining a Starter Clan to a T3 clan can be exciting as you will be able to level up to a level to be in the boss fights quickly. You will get to see the excitement of bringing down bosses the first time as a clan.
As a new player joining a T4-Endgame clan you will find that you generally don't have as many players from your clan to group with, but may be able to benefit from the experience and hand me downs of much higher level players. You also will know that once you are of level, you will be able to participate in the toughest boss fights of the game.

CLAN MISSION is the goals or reasons for a clan being in existence. These vary to everything imaginable. Some clans require that you roleplay and stay "in character" some clans exist simply to give everyone a place to hang out. Some clans are there just to be a loot generating machine for it's members. You will have to speak with the clan chief about a specific clans mission, or reason for being. This can be one of the most important factors in your decision of which clan to join. Consider if the Clan Mission sounds like it would make the game fun for you, does it resonate with you? If it doesn't, then no matter what the other factors are, chances are you will not enjoy your time in the clan and would be better off to find another one to join.

CLAN RULES Every clan has it's own unique set of rules. Some are very laid back and lax while others are very strict. Some stress the code of conduct and others stress how gear is gained. Some deal with help requests and begging some do not. No matter what the rules are, you need to make sure that you know them beforehand and understand what they are. You should also have a solid understanding of WHY something is a rule. If you don't know, just ask. Everyone is new at some point and every clan rule is in place for a reason, you'll only find out if you ask. The place to ask is privately BEFORE you join a clan, not in clan chat after you have joined.

III. Clan Behavior & Etiquette
This is a very important topic and it basically covers what is and is not acceptable in clans as well as in the rest of the game. This section really could have it's own post but I'll keep it brief.
Remember that mother, Sunday school teacher, or whoever it was in your life who talked about being polite and manners? They were right and what they said will serve you well in Celtic Heroes. Asking for items, gold and help can be seen as begging, especially when you do it frequently or repeatedly. Always ask someone before you open up a trade window or do a friends request with them. Always say please and thank you.

Never forget: "Other players are under no obligation to help you, trust you, or like you. That means we do not have to. "- Nasim of Rosemerta

You will earn help, trust and friends the same way you do in real life By being polite and kind. Ages of people who play Celtic Heroes vary greatly from small children to elderly adults so it's difficult to go wrong by being polite and pleasant. Try to Refrain from slang language and abbreviations as others may not know what you are talking about.

Once you are able to weigh the various fundamental factors, the clan size, strength, mission and rules you should be able to determine which clan on your server is best for you. If you can not find one that is right for you, you can always start your own and do it the "right" way.

I may decide to add some things to this guide later on but for now that's all I feel like typing. I hope this helps a couple of you on your way to enjoying Celtic Heroes. If you found this helpful, useful, or decent, or if you actually read to this part, which indicates that it either was OK or was so bad it was intriguing leave a comment so I know your thoughts.

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