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Re: tired of this!!! admin better respond

My apologies to all who may have been offended, the level of frustration that has developed since I started this game is not good, all things considered this is an amazing game with great oportunitys, however I am a full time dad with two children, I'm sure you can guess we're all my money goes, so to play a game like this just to see people sitting around all day killing low levels and "farming" gold and exp while I put in the effort to level my charictor and earn exp and gold the " old fashion way" just to also see the same charictors run in and take the boss kills I have worked so dang hard for is more aggravating than words, especially to find out these high lvl charictors are children who get alowence and blow it on the game, allowing them to gain lvls expenentually while I'm stuck in limbo because things don't give me exp or they kill me in two hits, doesn't seem to be a level game system. So again, my sincere apologies to all who have been offended. By my little rant,

Also my great thanks to the admin who did in fact actually respond to this rant with great haste, and a very informative email.
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