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Puppet's Shop *Updated! June 8th*



Boreal Harp (most common) - 12k
Hibernal Harp (4th rarest) - 20k
Spring Equinox Harp (3rd rarest) - 30k
I also have instruments from all previous events, PM me for specific pieces.


Autumleaf Dryad Charm - 40k
Ashborn Truebark Charm - 40k
Red Spectral Charm - 100k
Tons of Bolg and Boggan Charms in All Different Colors (PM me for inquires)

White Frostguard Boots - 25k
Black Frostguard Hat - 35k
Black Frostguard Top - 50k

Purple Hunter Top - 35k
Purple Hunter Hat - 20k
Snowbound Purple Frostguard Hat - 30k
Purple Frostguard Top - 35k
Purple Ardmair Mask - 8k

Blue Frostguard Legs - 20k
Blue Frostguard Hat - 15k
Blue Frostguard Boots - 10k
Blue Frostguard Gloves - 7k

Turquoise Hunter Top - 20k

Spooky Green Hunter Bottoms - 35k
Spooky Green Hunter Top - 50k
Green Hunter Gloves - 6k
Snowbound Green Frostguard Hat - 15k
Snowbound Green Frostguard Top - 25k
Green Frostguard Hat - 10k
Green Frostguard Gloves - 4k

Pink Frostguard Top - 15k
Pink Frostguard Leggings - 10k
Pink Frostguard Top - 8k
Pink Frostguard Boots - 6k
Pink Frostguard Gloves - 3k
Pink Hunter Bottoms - 12k
Pink Hunter Boots - 5k
Sunbound Pink Ardmair Woad - 20k
Pink Ardmiar Leggings - 8k

Yellow Frostguard Legs - 9k
Yellow Frostguard Hat - 8k
Yellow Frostguard Gloves - 4k
Yellow Frostguard Boots - 5k
Yellow Hunter Top - 15k
Spooky Yellow Hunter Hat - 25k
Yellow Ardmair Mask - 6k

Oranger Lanrik Top - 16k
Oranger Hunter Boots - 6k
Orange Frostguard Pants - 8k
Orange Frostguard Gloves - 3k
Orange Ardmair Mask - 4k
Orange Ardmair Leggings - 10k
Sunbound Orange Admiar Boots - 10k

Red Hunter Boots - 5k
Red Frostguard Leggings - 7k
Snowbound Red Frostguard Top - 15k
Red Frostguard Hat - 6k
Red Frostguard Boots - 5k
Red Frostguard Gloves - 2k

I have Party Crowns, Summer Garlands, and Yule Hats of pretty much every color, minus black and white.

-Platinum Items-
Bank/Backpack Expansions - 2k ea (adds 25 slots)
Heroic Wisdom, HP Regen, Energy Regen, Travel Elixs - 1k ea
Resurrection Idols - 200 ea
Super Combination Elixirs - 7.5k ea
Energy Sigils - 4k per box

If you are interested in any of these items, please mail JustDoIt, or comment on the forums. All prices are negotiable and I do take chests for my items.

Make a purchase of 20k or more, and give me a number between 1-100 and you will be entered into a lottery on June 23rd in which the winner will win Rez, Restos, Knows, and Heroic Hastes!
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Re: Puppets Shop

Yellow sunstones. Hehe.
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